These plugins are for the ATI Remote Wonder Software to control the corresponding software with the Remote.


Zoom Player



Zoom Player

14.05.2005: Bugfix release.
04.09.2004: Almost every keycombination can be assigned to the 0-9 buttons.
27.08.2004: The programable keys A-F can now be configured to cycle through audiotracks.
21.08.2004: New option to cycle through subtitles.
25.07.2004: Better compatibility with the foobar2000 plugin and Zoom Player detection speed up.
17.07.2004: Minor GUI changes and an updatefunction added. Stopwatch and Menukey are configureable now.
28.06.2004: The volume is now changed in the Zoom Player not in Windows.
21.06.2004: Toggle between window and fullscreen added.
09.06.2004: Zoom Player can now be controlled even if it is not in the foreground. To enable it press the "configure"-button in the ATI software.
31.05.2004: Bugfix: next / previous chapter


21.10.2006: Update to support foobar2000 0.9x
29.08.2004: Fixed detection of ATI MMC. They changed the filename in the version 9.02.
25.07.2004: First release.


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